About us

Grana Marketing is a Colombian advertising agency established in 2015. Since the beginning, we have been able to impact companies positively by creating innovative and highly effective communication strategies, mainly by transforming organizational culture and endomarketing. Our success is driven by continuous improvement of our quality standards to expand our services to other communication fields such as commercial, social media, audiovisual production, gamification, journalism and photography. Grana now serves companies with a global presence, leading us to expand our reach.

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Grana Marketing team

Corporate communication strategies

Companies are increasingly demanding to meet the needs of their internal customers. From the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents to the maintenance of the organizational culture. In Grana Marketing we have a professional team specialized in meeting these needs and thanks to them, our clients have built several success stories around the world. Do you need support in your company? Contact us!

We are an energy in expansion and constant growth, and our objective is only one, to sow a seed that will bear fruit for humanity.

Creativity Grana Marketing


Creating communication pieces today is as easy as installing an artificial intelligence app. But creating images through a solid concept, building a text aligned to the objective, and complementing it with high-quality images or illustrations make the difference. For this reason, the image itself does not generate results; it is necessary to carry out a creative and interdisciplinary process to produce the desired impact.

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